How to Add Website Links in SnapChat Snaps – A Step by Step Guide


How to Add Website Links in SnapChat Snaps – A Step by Step Guide. Add Swipe Up Website Links To Your Snaps in Snapchat. How to Add a Link to Your Snapchat Snaps. Step by Step guide to Add Website Links to your SnapChat Snaps in Android, iOS both device. These are the topics we cover in this post. So let’s start guys.

Add Swipe Up Website Links To Your Snaps in Snapchat

Snapchat is introduced with a new feature that is permitting you to add website links in Snapchat. No wonder, this information of adding website links in Snapchat will surely going to help the users immensely. You can share your Snapchat story’s link to your friend with ease.

How to add website links in Snapchat Snaps?

Add Swipe Up Website Links To Your Snaps

The process is quite easy as Snapchat allows you to add Swipe Up Website Links To Your Snaps in Snapchat. You need to only swipe up to access your website. Isn’t this quick and easy to do?

How to add Website links in Snapchat?

Step by step guide will make clear to add website links to Snapchat story or images.

  • Take a photo or video. Once content is captured then click the link icon (paperclip) in the toolbar on the right side…
  • You just need to add website URL after clicking the paperclip and you can check preview, now tap attach to Snap” that you can get at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once your website is linked in the Snapchat story then you can text anything you like to, including stickers and doodles. If you have added a wrong website link, you have the option to edit it easily by going at the top again. Another factor of user convenience is that you do not need to search for the previously used link as Snapchat saves the link.
  • Now in the send option, you have to click to share the Snapchat story. It is up to you to click on the option to send it to a friend’s group or wants to add it to the public.
  • Your followers and friends all can view your story by swiping website link attached that you can see at the bottom of the screen.

As you can see it is quite simple to do. The user experience will be great and no hassle in checking the story. In that way, you will get more visitors to your website. With the paperclip feature in Snapchat, your fans will not have a headache to go to your website personally via browsing.

Here is the official video

SnapChat Paperclip Feature

Well, Snapchat has introduced three latest features voice filters, backdrops including paperclip. All the new features are amazing to use. You can have more fun using Snapchat latest features. It will boost your lifestyle and keeps you stress-free.

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If you still not have downloaded or updated Snapchat then go for it to be more social. I think you are now packed with information to have hassle -free services with the Snapchat new feature.

Final Words

I have many times posted the Snapchat story and swiping up will let you access to the website. In that way, accessibility will be far easier for your friends and followers. So you will be more visible to brands and be using it will not be problematic or time consuming for you.

How to Add Website Links in SnapChat Snaps – A Step by Step Guide
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