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BSNL Sixer 666 Plan Launched – 2GB Data Per Day & Unlimited Voice Call

BSNL Sixer 666 Plan Launched – 2 GB Data Per Day & Unlimited Voice Call For 60 Days. BSNL Sixer 666 Plan – BSNL has launched a new plan, called the BSNL Sixer Offer or BSNL 666 Plan that gives you 2GB data per day and unlimited voice calls for 2 months at Rs. 666 only.

BSNL Launched Latest Plan Called Sixer (666 Offer)

BSNL Sixer is the state-run telecom’s response to the plans and pricing by Reliance Jio, who is giving the unlimited call and high-speed data at very low price. The telecom scenario has become pay more competitive after Reliance Jio entered the market and all the other existing telecom operators are now cutting costs of their existing plans or releasing cheaper plans.

What will I get with BSNL Sixer Offer?

To use BSNL Sixer, you should be a BSNL Prepaid customer without any existing subscriptions. If you have any existing voice subscription, getting BSNL Sixer 666 Plan will either fail or will replace your existing plan. Please confirm by calling the BSNL support lines in that case. Existing data plans will be replaced will not be replaced. So, if you are subscribed to a data pack, then your data will be billed from that pack till it is exhausted.

Offers in BSNL Sixer 666 Plan

If you do not have any existing subscriptions, you can straightaway start using BSNL Sixer. Once you recharge using Rs. 666, you will get 2GB of data per day for 60 days, as well as unlimited voice. BSNL has a fair usage policy in place. Therefore, if you end up using 2GB data per day, you will not be charged from your main balance. However, your internet access speed will be limited to only 80kbps. That is a very slow speed, but however, you won’t be barred from accessing the internet, nor do you have to pay anything extra.

Here are more details about BSNL 666 Plan

VoiceUnlimited to any network
Data UsageHigh-speed usage for 2GB per day. Speed reduced to 80kbps for beyond 2GB.
Validity60 days

What are other alternate BSNL plans?

BSNL’s first data focused plan was the BSNL Triple Ace. This allowed subscribers access to 3GB Data per day for 3 months or 90 days. This was a data only plan and did not have any voice plans with it. BSNL received quite a successful response from the Triple Ace plan and succeeded it with the BSNL Chaukka 444 Plan. The BSNL 444 Plan gave 4GB of data per day for 90 days for Rs. 444.

BSNL 666 Offer
Credit: BSNL Official Website

Some other plans by BSNL also include the BSNL 349 and the BSNL 395 plan. All these plans, however, were only available to the 3G subscribers and did not have any voice or talk time plans along with them. Therefore the 666 plan by BSNL or the SSNL Sixer is a lucrative option for both power users as well as regular consumers who rely more on voice plans.

How to recharge to get BSNL Sixer 666 Plan?

BSNL Sixer or the BSNL 666 plan can be recharged from any online wallet or offline through any BSNL authorized retailers. If you plan to recharge yourself, here is the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to your preferred online wallet and log in
  2. Enter your BSNL prepaid phone number
  3. In the amount section, type in 666.
  4. Make sure that you have selected Special Recharge and not Top up. Uncheck “Top up” if it is checked.
  5. Proceed with the recharge, make the payment and you will get a text on your phone confirming the BSNL Sixer recharge.

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Bottom Line

Hit the Red Bell Icon at the bottom left corner to get Latest Information about BSNL 666 Sixer Plan and Offers. BSNL Sixer 666 Plan – You can get 2GB Data Per Day & Unlimited Voice Call to any network For 60 Days. Share everything about BSNL Sixer Plan with your friends with your favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Insta.

BSNL Sixer 666 Plan Launched – 2GB Data Per Day & Unlimited Voice Call
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