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Best Fake Phone Number Generator for OTP Verification in India

Best Fake Phone Number Generator for OTP Verification in India 2018. Random Fake Phone Number Generator Apps, Tools & Sites. Top Free sites to generate a fake phone number for verification on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps which requires OTP.

Best Fake Phone Number Generator Sites

The fake phone numbers are very useful to receive online OTP or verification steps require to access different sites. It is not a good idea to give our personal phone numbers everywhere like while opening a social media account or creating a mail id. It may reveal our details and there is a chance for the internet threats also. That is why the Indian fake phone number sites come very handy.

Why you need a Fake Phone Number?

You may have observed that we receive a lot of spam calls or messages on our mobile. This all are due to the numbers that we mention in different places like in the shopping malls or even many sites asks for a mobile number to send OTP. There are many websites who sells your private information to the advertisers. So, to safeguard yourself from this kind of threats, using the best fake phone number generator apps is the best option for account verification.

The requirement of the fake numbers varies from person to person, some need them to avoid the spam calls or messages, and some use them to do a prank with friends and family or others.

Different usages of Fake or Random Phone Numbers

Along with prank or to save spam, there are many other usages of the fake numbers. Below is the list of the same: –

  • Online Job Portals: –

    Many job portals share personal details with other advertising sites.

  • Dating Sites:

    It is better to provide a fake number rather revealing your personal information to the stranger

  • Online Classifieds:

    It is a good option to avoid revealing your personal details to unknown buyers or sellers.

  • Prank:

    To do a prank on your friend or family or even to deceive any abusive or disturbing person

  • OTP Verification:

    Today all sites and app require OTP verification compulsory. So you need Fake phone number generator tools or sites that help you to generate temprory phone number for OPT verification.

Thus, whatever may be the requirement, you can use the fake phone number as per your convenience. However, kindly note that even being a fake; they are not out of the legal scrutiny.

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Best Random Mobile Number Generator Apps

There are many apps available online as the fake phone number generator. However, every application doesn’t provide you with the Indian number. If you are looking for a fake Indian mobile number, then “Burner-Free Phone Number” is one of the best applications for you.

It provides 7 days of free service and after that, you will be charged for the same. The charges are also very reasonable. You can download the application from your Play Store or Apple Store at completely free of cost.

Indian Fake Phone Number Free Sites

Along with the applications, there are different sites also available to generate fake mobile numbers. Most of the sites provide you with the mobile number for the US. Below is the list of the sites. You can visit the site and check for the available countries it is offering: –

  1. Net
  2. Fake Number
  3. Fake Number (Fake Number Generating Tool)
  4. Phone Number Generator (Tool)

So, you check this sites or the tool to find out the best suited Indian fake phone number sites. Kindly read the terms and conditions along with the legal guidelines before selecting the sites.

Best Fake Phone Number Generator for OTP Verification in India
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