Freedom 251: 70,000 smartphones delivered to customers, says Ringing Bells


Freedom 251: 70,000 smartphones delivered to customers, says Ringing Bells-Ringing bells who failed to deliver cheapest smartphone in India to the customer, has been surrounded with controversy since a long time. In February 2016 Ringing Bells announced publicly that they are going to launch cheapest smartphone, but several customers has disappointed by not fulfilling promise after what they announced.

Another controversial report that says company has shut down quietly but good news for customers is that Ringing Bells clarified that it has delivered 70,000 pieces of Freedom 251 Smartphone.

After refuting the reports of a shutdown, Ringing bell stated since a long time that they are in process of delivering smartphone to their customers. A survey report in TeleAnalysis claimed that Ringing Bells owner have shut down quietly and renamed MDM Electronic Private Limited which is registered in Kailash Coloney New Delhi.

Freedom 251: 70,000 smartphones delivered to customers

Ringing Bells spokes person in an emailed statement state that MDM Electronics is a complete separate process from Ringing Bells which is organized with its “own objectives”.

Anmol Goel, founder and directors of Ringing Bells caring affairs of the company and will take forward the company to get the promise done what they made to the customer.

In a statement Company claims that they already 70,000 smartphone and will more delivery in incoming days to the customer. “Delivery of Freedom 251 will be made by retailers who will get the products in turn from the distributors and they in turn from the company as is the standard practice in trade,”  as statement is made by spokesperson Ringing Bell.

The company recently claims that it has delivered smartphone in West Bengal, Haryana, Himachal, Bihar, Uttarakhand, New Delhi, Punjab, J&K, Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and UtterPradesh.

Ringing Bells came into highlight early this year when it was being announced Freedom 251 will be available for such cheap price at just 251. But what happened one controversy over another controversy.

Ringing Bells the Freedom251 maker has been facing issues ever since it came into existence, and bounce of 2 crore cheque is another one latest case. In September month of this year Ringing Bell initiate to sell Freedom 251 on Amazon India.

Freedom 251: 70,000 smartphones delivered to customers, says Ringing Bells
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