{* March 2018 *} Freedom 251 Delivery Date has announced


Freedom 251 Delivery Date : Freedom 251 is going to grab a good market in India in the month of July

Freedom 251 Delivery Date :  has been one of the great surprise for the Indian customers. It was thought that the phones were a fake story and no one will get that, but the cheapest phone in the market is about to reach. The company has declared that the phone will be dispatched from the date March – April 2018. The Freedom 251 Delivery date and Time has been declared by the company in their site, as well. So, this is a great news for all the 30000 people who have booked the device. The only mode that has been fixed for payment of this device is Cash on Delivery. So, get the most out of the device from the month of July.

Manufacturing unit of Freedom 251

Latest news suggest that the company is set up 2 plants to manufacture 5 lakhs phones. Each of the plant will cost 250 Crores of INR and the fund for setting up each plants. The sets will be 3G enabled and that will be an outstanding set for the users. The director of the Company, Mr. Chaddha declared the Freedom 251 Delivery Date. He said that the products will be prepared in India only and that will save around 13.8 percent on the duties. Selling it online will also give an additional savings for the company. The company is going to share the profit, by selling the devices online.

How they are keeping the price low?

The device has been planned to be manufactured in Noida and Uttaranchal and the manufacturing cost of the device will be around 2500. At present the device has been launched with subsidy, but still the management is focusing to keep the price of the device much lower to that of the competitive companies’ price. So, the director of the company is seeing the brand to be much more popular and acceptable. To establish the perfect support, just get the device in your hand and find the right help from your side. This will be the ideal solution, where you can find the device in your hand too.

freedom 251 delivery date

If you have not yet booked your copy of Freedom 251 Mobile, Just Book Now Freedom 251 and track your order status of Freedom 251

All the mobile will deliver by Early 2018 – March & April 2018 by Freedom 251 COD Delivery, You have to pay when you received the device named Freedom 251 Mobile.

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  1. I checked my order this message is getting Your Order have been Successfully Placed and Your order is about to deliver after 30th June 2016. Please Check after few Days for the recent updates of your Order status. Thank You! what is the current status of my order give me reply


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