Good news for Freedom 251 Smartphone, Ringing bells has promised to deliver


Good news for Freedom 251 Smartphone, Ringing bells has promised to deliver – Ringing Bells came into the picture early this year after the announcement of launching Freedom 251, the cheapest Smartphone just at 251 rupees.

Customers log-time wait for having Freedom 251 is about to end, Ringing Bells have released the statement that they are going to distribute more Freedom 251 Smartphone to their customer. Ringing Bells have refuted the rumor that Ringing Bells has been shut down and company Spokesperson said “Some false reports are coming out in the media that Ringing Bells has shut shop,” and also adding in his statement “very well in the market” and “operating as earlier”.


The statement made by Ringing Bells said that MDM Electronics private limited is a separate process having its own goals and objective. “At ringing bells, we have our clear business objectives which we have shared earlier with everyone and we are sticking to it,” the statement by company Spokesperson.

No doubt CEO Dharna Goel has resigned from Ringing Bells “Now Anmol Goel, who is also one of the founder directors, is looking after the affairs of the company,” the statement said.

Ringing Bells came into news earlier in this year when the company offered to customers across India that after some days of online registration customer will have cheapest Smartphone in their hand soon. But just after the execution of online registration process technical issues started coming ahead to the customer and news was coming out to media that website has been crashed due to the massive amount of online customer request in a short span of time.

However around 7 crores online request had registered across the country, the company was facing a hurdle to delivering Freedom 251 Smartphone with respect to all request. The company also claims that approx 70,000 units of Freedom 251 so far in the states West Bengal, Haryana, Himachal, Bihar, Uttrakhand, New Delhi, Utter Pradesh, Punjab, J&K, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand.

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The company still insists on more Freedom 251 Smartphone delivery to the customer in upcoming days as Company promised and making efforts to deliver soon. The company spokesperson said, “Delivery of Freedom 251 will be made by retailers who will get the products in turn from the distributors and they in turn from the company as is the standard practice in the trade,”.

A company spokesperson told to media that website is being upgraded. However as soon as the Ringing Bells website is upgraded, Ringing Bell more likely to resume delivery of Freedom 251 Smartphone soon.

Good news for Freedom 251 Smartphone, Ringing bells has promised to deliver
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