Apple iPhone X Price in India – iPhone X Release Date, Pictures & Concept


Apple iPhone X Price in India – New Generation iPhone X Release Date, iPhone X Pictures, iPhone X Concept & Rumors. Apple releasing on his 10th Anniversary a new Generation iPhone X. Apple iPhoneX Price in India.

Apple’s 10th Anniversary – iPhone X

Apple iPhone X Price in India, for the first time in India a new generation mobile with multi future is yet to arrive. As we all know the fact that Apple iPhone is considered as the branded one maintaining all the extra ordinary features and applications in an only one mobile. Face recognition, sensor locking, voice recognition, finger prints recognition are the multiple options where you can secure your iPhone more securely.

What is the releasing date of Apple iPhone X?

Do you know the date when the Apple iPhone X in India is yet to release, Are you the one among who are eagerly waiting to know about the date and specifications of Apple iPhone X. If you are so, then you are at the right place

As rumors created everywhere on the sites that Apple iPhone is yet to come and many are really searching for the new features which iPhone will be equipped with. Sep 12. Tuesday only one more day is left over for which considering to get released world’s slimmest and smartest Apple iPhone X but it is not officially confirmed by the Apple.

Apple iPhone X Price in India

Soon after the release of Apple iPhone 8, there will be a public conference is scheduled and it is to discuss the full specifications, date, price and much more related to Apple iPhone X

The expected Apple iPhone X Price in India is to be 1 Lakh which is equipped with multi features, Apple iPhone X is expected to get iOS 11 which is a very most advanced operating system

What are features of Apple iPhone X?

Because of the incredible and amazing features of Apple iPhone X and Apple iPhone X Price in India coming with an affordable price as compared to other features mobiles. Here Apple iPhone X is famous for  branding and secure mobile

Sensors types like Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, temperature sensor are the different types of sensors which are included in the Apple iPhone X

Connectivity Features included in iPhone X:

Wifi, yes it is available and it is supported up to 802.11a/b/g/n. Apart from this incredible support GPS, Bluetooth are the options which are related to connectivity and these are available with Apple iPhone X

Software in Apple iPhone X

As mentioned, strong and multi feature software iOS operating system is added in the Apple iPhone X and that is what why iPhone X Price in India is to be expected 1 Lakh. But it is brand and verified phone where one can trust its performance blindly.

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Camera and its Quality:

Yes, there is both rare and front camera are available for this mobile handset. Apart from this, a flash is given in the front which you can use when there will be dark and need of light.

Resolution will be 750*1330 pixels, quad core processor, 3 GB RAM and much more features are added in Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X Official Video – The Concept

Here I am putting the official video of Apple iPhone X Real Concept and detailed info about Apple’s new generation Phone called “iPhone X”.

Apple iPhone X Price in India – iPhone X Release Date, Pictures & Concept
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