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JIO Customer Care Number Toll Free – JIO Service Center Number

JIO Customer Care Number Toll Free – JIO Customer Care Number for Other Network | Reliance Jio Service Center Number 2017 for 4G, DTH and Broadband connections.

Reliance has taken the telecom industry by storm when they introduced their low-cost 4G plans and are now set to introduce similarly priced plans for DTH plans and gigabit broadband services –  and if you are a customer, you need to have the Reliance JIO Customer Care Number Toll Free.

Reliance JIO Customer Care Number Toll Free

Here is the list of Jio service center numbers that you need to know if you are using any of the Jio services of the LYF products.

Customer Support Department Contact Number
JIO Customer care toll-free number:1800-88-99999
JIO complaint number:198
JIO general helpline number: 199199
JIO Tele-verification number for data and call services:1977
JIO Tele-verification number for only data service:1800-890-1977
LYF customer care Toll-Free number:1800-890-9999

The JIO Customer Care Number Toll Free are essential contacts in case you want to know about their products or services or if you already use their services are you need help with something.

JIO Customer Care Number for Other Network

If you are not using JIO Sim Card and you want to contact customer care of Reliance JIO, you can use the Toll Free number provided by JIO Official. JIO Toll Free Number is 1800-88-99999

Services offered by Reliance Jio

JIO 4G services

Reliance Jio is already famous for their 4G service. It offered 4G connectivity to users for free for six months as a part of the Welcome Offer. This allowed users to use the Jio 4G network without any restrictions. However, the service only works on 4G VoLTE phones. Phones without VoLTE needed a separate app to make calls using 4G channels.

Reliance launched an affordable series of smartphones under the LYF branding that allowed people to easily get in the 4G bandwagon. Jio 4G services are also low cost since the device only connects to the 4G network and they do not have any 2G or 3G services. So, when 4G connectivity is unavailable, the phone will not have any 2G or 3G network to fall back to.

However, Reliance is expanding its networks and most of the urban areas in the country have good network coverage. If you are not getting good connectivity, then you can call the Reliance JIO Customer Care Number Toll Free for assistance.

People with 3G devices can also take advantage of the 4G network provided by Reliance. Reliance has released a portable Wi-Fi router, called Jio-Fi. Jio-Fi connects to the 4G network of Jio and provides the internet to all your devices via Wi-Fi. You can connect 10 devices at once, and use an app, you can make phone calls too.

DTH services

Reliance will also introduce DTH services later this year. They will provide all the TV channels that were accessible via the Jio app on their 4G network and even more. Jio is expected to also provide a welcome offer for the DTH services, allowing consumers to try out the services for free for some months before the actual billing will start. The users, however, will have to purchase the Jio DTH set top box and the dish antennae along with it.

Gigabit Broadband Services

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber is one of the first broadband services to offer gigabit broadband speeds at home. Reliance will provide FTTH broadband services at reasonable prices that will allow both home and office users to benefit from it. Reliance has plans starting from only Rs. 500. They also have different plans that are volume based and speed based. Speed based plans have capped speeds, whereas volume based plans have capped data usage. There are also special plans for home users where people need both limited bandwidth and limited speeds.

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Reliance will offer starting speeds of 15Mbps, going up to 600Mbps. The service is presently launching in Pune and Mumbai and will soon expand further in other cities. You can call up the Jio service center number to know how to get the connection if it is available in your city or when it will be available in your city.

Jio Product Lineup

If you are using a Reliance product, such as LYF smartphones, then the customer care will help you out with any issues you are facing. Reliance is also planning to release a laptop to complement their broadband services, and also a low-cost feature phone for those who cannot use a 4G smartphone.

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