Maiyam Whistle App Download for Android & iPhone – Kamal Hasan App


New Maiyam Whistle App Download for Android & iPhone – Maiyam Whistle Kamal Hasan App Free Download Latest Version to Stop corruption. Actor Kamal Hassan has launched the Maiyam Whistle App on the occasion of his 63rd birthday. Maiam Whistle App (#maiamwhistle)

Maiyam Whistle App Free Download

Kamal Hasan is a renowned actor and director of Telugu films and Hindi films cinema. He is now innovating the new way to stop the increasing corruption in the country. The all-new Maiyam whistle app download from play store officially announced on the 63rd birthday of Kamal Hasan. Hasan described the working of this app as when any government official refuses to work or skip his duty. People can report on this app and it brings pressure on the government and officers to answer of their unworthiness.

Maiyam Whistle App Agenda

Maiyam app design to blow the whistle by the public in case their demands and rights are under threat. This app allows the user to complain about any third person who is engaging in corruption. By complaining about any corrupt entity, people can get relief if their voices are hearing from the government. By spreading the news in media people will definitely launch a campaign against corruption.

Maiyam Whistle App Download from Google play store

Kamal Hasan trying to pursue a dream of corruption free India. This innovating idea of Maiyam app can sweep out corruption from India. Hasan elaborated people’s suffering by the corruption and this app can prove to be a weapon to curb the corrupt system. In Tamil Nadu, people are full heartedly welcoming this new Idea by a star Kamal Hasan.

Only time can tell how much success this app can bring to remove corruption in the country like India. India ranks 79th on corruption Index out of 179 countries.

Maiam Whistle Kamal Hasan App Launching Date

The proclamations are before the app is launch is worth noticing. The app is set to launch on Google play store keep in touch with us to remain updated with Maiyam app. You can count on us when the app will launch we provide you the link to get it download fast.

Latest speculations suggest this app will available in January 2018. Keep waiting till then, comment on us how you feel about this app and how this gonna work for you. This app will cover the entire OS platform like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Kamal Hasan Maiyam Whistle App Download Link

Download Link of Kamal Hasan’s Maiyam Whistle App will be updated soon here, Once it been released. Keep visiting this place.

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About Kamal Hasan’s Maiyam Whistle App

Kamal Hasan’s Maiam Whistle App: He describes this as a platform to connect people on the subject of corruption. He describes corruption as a serious disease spreading all over the country. Something has to be done otherwise it swallow whole nation and people will suffer more and more in time. The power of the system associated with the authority is now harming the society. Only a few are ruling over others as they get authority by the government.

The problem is getting intense and someday it will become worse. People have the power to stop it right now and information and technology is the right way to do it. In order to make government actually work it has to start with people’s awakening. The government only works well when people timely blow the whistle at the doors of the government officials.

Maiyam Whistle App Download for Android & iPhone – Kamal Hasan App
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