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How to Enable & Use Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome

How to Enable & Use Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome. Steps by Steps, How you can use night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome and how to enable Night Mode in Chrome?

Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome

Billions of people online use Google Chrome as a web browser. And of course, it is also a default browser for most of us. There are several extensions available to the chrome users on web stores. Night mode browsing in Google Chrome is one such feature that helps you to browse the internet at dark night. This extension makes the usage of chrome browser more eco-friendly. There is very less amount of stress in your eyes and you can work easily during the night.

Turn On Night Mode in Chrome Browser

The view of the reflection of the screen letters is very calm and quiet. During the night the stress on eyes increases due to the low intensity of light in the surroundings. Prolong working in night time makes your eyes muscle weaker, and after some time you can face eyesight problems. Many working people have to work at night due to work situations are always facing this problem.

How Can You Use Google Chrome Night Mode Browsing?

The procedure to activate the night mode browsing in Google chrome is very easy. There are various extensions available that work to convert chrome into night more. Among various Chrome night mode extensions, there are few ones mention below

  • Hacker vision
  • Dark Reader
  • Turns off the light
  • Night mode pro
  • High Contrast

These night vision apps will help you to have healthy eyes while working late at night.

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We are discussing each Feature in detail below:

The hacker vision extension is an app, you can find in chrome web store. Download it and click to add a button to attach it to the list. Confirm the Google account details and access this service. Once activated you can switch to night vision and can get easy at work. There is also rollback option available in case you want to switch back into normal light mode.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is powered by new chrome engine and features the special way to change bright screen into relaxing, delaminated theme. Web pages react to it and also turn in the same delaminated dark version. Steps are as same as of the hacker vision but you need to look at the way of transforming into night mode is bit different.

There are other variants of color available for you for example brightness, contrast grayscale, and sepia. Change fonts as you want with size and category.

Turn off the lights

Open the extension available in the web store. A type of lamp button is available and by clicking it to change to the dark theme. This app automatically focuses on videos to provide good watching experience. You can change an intensity of dark, semi-dark whatever suits your eyes. Know to be a good for night mode browsing in Google Chrome.

Night Mode Pro

This add-in extension is designed to change the luminosity of the screen. This gives more relaxation to the eyes when you work at night duration. Most people find it less stressing in long hours of night work. In order to protect your eyes from getting worse, this could help you.

High Contrast

There are several high contrast color are available that makes it easier to read at night time. And you are allowed to change intensity as you want and what suits you. This one called as perfect Chrome night mode extension.

How to Enable & Use Night Mode Browsing in Google Chrome
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