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Pink Whale Challenge Game Download App & APK File – Avoid Blue Whale Game. The Game of Pink Whale APK Download FREE. Download Pink Whale Game App & Latest Updated Challenge Lists. Pink Whale Challenge APK Android App Download.

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  • Protect Child From This Game Download [Education & Awareness Purpose]
  • Don’t Download Pink whale game app apk it is injurious to health and  Banned By government of India
  • Stay away from this game, it may cause to your death too.
  • This site is not promoting this game nor giving any download link of Pink Whale Game.
  • This post is just for Awareness Purpose. If you have any query regarding this, Feel free to contact us. Thanks

Pink Whale Challenge Game Download APK App

The “Blue Whale Challenge” was literally a nightmare of millions of parents as it was spreading death. But with the new game “Pink Whale Challenge”, you can rest assured as it is designed to spread only love and happiness.

When and Where The Pink Whale Challenge Game Was Designed?

When the world was busy in killing themselves by completing the challenges of the game “The Blue Whale”, the “Pink Whale Challenge Game Download” was designed in Brazil during April 2017 with a different kind f mission. This game was designed to spread love and happiness around the world.

This game has already got the attraction of the people around the world as it has over 3, 00,000 Facebook followers and over 45,000 followers on Instagram.

Why Download Pink Whale Game APK App?

The main motive and goal behind the launch of this game were to show that the internet can also be used to spread love and care instead of death.

So, now with the Pink Whale Challenge Game Download, the parents and the people around the world will be less worried about their loved ones falling into the trap of any insane game challenge.

What is this Pink Whale Challenge Game all about?

This game is quite similar to its evil twin brother “The Blue Whale”, however with a completely different concept. In this game also, you need to complete the different level by doing some tasks, but this will only spread positivity and love but not death and hatred.

Pink Whale Challenge Lists

The different task list includes: –

  • You have to write five things that you love about yourself in your hand with a marker.
  • You have to call your loved ones and share your feelings.
  • Call someone whom you haven’t spoken for a long time and chat with them
  • You have to post a picture of yours in the social media with hashtag #PinkWhale and caption “I Love Beautiful”
  • You have to show some lovely gestures like scratch someone’s back or message to someone head, of course with their permission.
  • You may also need to do some crazy stuff like shout loudly in the middle of the road and say that you love yourself.
  • Make some new friends and forgive one someone. You have to unblock someone from social media to stop hatred.
  • Share your feelings with your parents or guardian and tell them the how much you love them and care for them

So, with the details of the tasks, you can easily understand that this game is completely safe to play and even good to play to spread love and happiness. The Pink Whale Challenge List Download is a great initiative taken to outdo the negative effects spread by the blue whale game.

If you wish to Download Blue Whale Game Challenge, Click this Link.

Process of the Pink Whale Game Download

The Pink Whale Game is available to download for Android and iOS platform. So, search for the same in Google Play Store or an Apple Store and download the game.

Pink Whale Challenge Game Download APK – Avoid Blue Whale Game
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