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Reliance Jio 349 Plan Details – Unlimited Calls & Data for 3 Months

Reliance Jio 349 Plan Details – Unlimited Calls & Data for 3 Months (84 GB Data for 84 Days and Unlimited Voice Calls FREE). Check Out the Reliance Jio 349 Plan along with the Benefits of Jio 349 Offers, How to Recharge Jio 349 Offer and what is the validity of 349 Plan offered by Reliance Jio.

All You Need to Know About the New Jio 349 Plan

Are you a Jio user? Are you interested in knowing about the new changes in the Reliance Jio plan which includes Jio 349 plan, Jio 399 plan, Jio 999 plan and many other such incredible packs? With the change of times, telecom companies have started to get more and more centered around providing services that ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. Reliance Jio is one such name which has gained immense popularity by providing exciting new offers and benefits that can make anybody ecstatic with joy.

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Reliance gained recognition after the introduction of its new connection, Jio, which offered the user unlimited access to cellular data and unlimited voice calls and text benefits all free of cost. Interesting right? This step changed the whole face of the market as people went crazy for Reliance Jio and almost everyone got a connection.

Few Details About Jio 349 Plan

Now with the unveiling of various new packages such as Jio 349 Offers in Reliance Jio, no doubt the services will charge money but when we take a look at the wonderful benefits that this company offers, we can’t help but give in to the temptation. These packages also known by the name of ‘Summer Surprise Offer’ is introduced recently as an improvement to the previous packs of the ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan’ offer.

Jio 349 Offer – 1GB Data per Day

According to the new Reliance Jio 349 plan, Jio users who are registered to Jio prime and activate their phones with this package will be provided with benefits such as unlimited voice calls and text messages for 56 days. Not to mention, the offer for 20 GB data over the entire period of 56 days. That means that the availability of data will be of 10 GB during the first 28 days and the other 10 GB during the next 28 days. However, there is no certain data cap provided for this package. It means that if a user exhausts his limit of 10 GB data in16 days instead of 28, then the usual speed of the data will be reduced to 128kbps for the next 13 days.

New Jio Plan For Prepaid Users

This new plan has been introduced by Reliance Jio, for both prepaid and post-paid users. In the new Jio 349 plan, you won’t have unlimited data but you certainly will be provided with attractive offers such as 20 GB data for a validity of 56 days and there will be no data cap associated with it.

New Jio Plans For Post-Paid Users

There are several different forms of packages for postpaid users and their range of validity is dependent on the rates of the package. As far as the new 349 plan is concerned, there is an availability of 20 GB data for a validity of 2 months. Given below is a table showing the difference between prepaid and post-paid benefits for Jio users.

Reliance Jio 349 Plan for Prepaid and Post-paid users

Here are the full details of Reliance Jio 349 Offers  including Prepaid Jio Pland and Postpaid also:

Validity56 Days2 Months






Data Available10 GB+10 GB20 GB
Data CapNo CapNo Cap
Speed After Cap128 kbps128 kbps

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Bottom Line

The new plans introduced by Reliance Jio is certainly a good decision made by them. With the Jio 349 plan, the increasing demands of the customers have been successfully fulfilled. The data provided is not unlimited, but the voice call and text message benefits are. Such offers are only valid for Jio Prime members though.

Reliance Jio 349 Plan Details – Unlimited Calls & Data for 3 Months
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