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Seven Offline Apps to make your Travel easier

Isn’t there an app for everything these days? Name the task and you have an app – there’s even one that tracks your time under the sun, literally not figuratively of course. There are many offline apps for travelers. Some, like Google Maps, have become so indispensable that you might use them on a daily basis.

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It isn’t surprising then that there are several apps to help you plan your travel as well. But what about times when you don’t have access to the internet? Let’s look at seven travel apps that work even offline.

  1. CityMaps2GO

Download here – It’s unsettling to be in a new place without someone to help. Enter downloadable maps that can be accessed offline. All you need to do is think ahead and choose from the substantial list of maps offered by the app. CityMaps2Go even allows you to save and bookmark places you want to visit and lets you download these personalized maps.

  1. TripIt

Apps like TripIt and Google Trips automatically access multiple bookings (flights, hotels, cabs, activities) via email and organize your travel plans in one place. So rather than having to pull out different pieces of paper to find confirmation numbers and hotel addresses, it’s all there in an easily accessible form even when offline. Google Trips also creates day-long itineraries for you and suggests nearby places to visit and things to do.

  1. Lonely Planet Guides

Download here – Itinerary planning apart, travel guides help you appreciate the history and culture of the place you are visiting. Else you’re just going in and out of buildings without understanding their importance. Travel guides from Lonely Planet can be downloaded in pdf form or as e-books and they also offer budget-based recommendations for places to stay apart from a detailed listing of places to see.

  1. Google Translate

Download here – Don’t know what fish is called in Spanish while sitting in Madrid and looking at the menu? Don’t worry. Google translate helps you get out of such jams with accurate translations of single words, though complete sentences could get tricky at times. All important features of the app are available offline but do remember to download the language you want in advance.

  1. XE Currency

Download here – If you are the kind of person who always wants to know- “How much will it be in Indian Rupees?”- we have an app for you. Just download XE Currency app and save yourself the mental math. The app gives you up-to-the-minute exchange rates and when you’re offline, it will use the last updated rates to tell you how much you are going to spend in Indian rupees.

  1. Pocket

Download here – If you’re planning a trip on your own, you will invariably end up with a lot of information that you want to squirrel away so you can dig it out whenever needed. The Pocket app does exactly that. It syncs and saves current web pages and lets you access that information when you are offline. You can even save interesting articles to read when you’re stuck at an airport or are on a long road trip.

  1. WiFiMap

Download here – Wouldn’t you love to stay offline for the entire trip, if you could! But, given our digital ways, you might crave for a wi-fi connection or sorely need it at times. Wi-fi Map comes to the rescue, identifying wi-fi hotspots and even supplying passwords to access open networks like those at stations and cafes.  For a small fee, it will allow you to download the database of wi-fi connections before you leave so you can access it offline as well.


Planning a trip was never easier. Just #ThinkAhead – download the apps before you leave and bookmark information you want. At a single tap, they will appear like genies to fulfill your commands. Oh, and don’t forget travel insurance – your trustworthy genie no matter where your travels may take you.

Note: The App links are for the Play store App download. You will find the same apps for the IOS platform as well.

Seven Offline Apps to make your Travel easier
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