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Smartphone Gun Buy Online – Palm Size Mobile Pistol Online Booking & Price in India Flipkart. What do u think this article is all about? Is it a new model of Smartphone or a gun? No, it is actually both. The Smartphone Gun is a double-barreled gun which has got a shape of a smartphone. It is a gun that looks exactly like a smartphone and is an ideal concealed gun. The Smartphone Gun Buy Online is expected to be available very soon in this summer.

The idea of Smartphone Gun and details

The Ideal Conceal Smartphone Gun can be easily kept under wraps without grabbing much attention. Kirk Kjellberg is the creator of this amazing gone and in an interview, he told that the idea of the same came from a real-life incident.

As per him, carrying a gun is a bit difficult for the people who need it for self-defense and safety. It can pull a lot of attention towards you and he found that most of the people in the street have got a smartphone. Thus the idea came of creating a gun with a shape of a smartphone.

Cellphone Pistol Booking Price in India

He got the approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive and spend over a year to design this smartphone gun. As folded, it completely resembles a smartphone and can’t be fired until unlocked.

Features to Enjoy with Mobile Gun

Although a lot of people protested against the idea of this gun, the history tells that every new and innovative idea have got bad responses in the beginning and gradually accepted later on. The Smartphone Gun is a clever idea for people who need to carry arms and ammunition without the need to draw attention.

The features of the same includes: –

  • It is a double-barreled .380 caliber weapon
  • Can be easily concealed as a smartphone
  • Lightweight one-piece frame
  • It has got high accuracy.
  • It has got a simple design
  • Easy to operate
  • For maximum safety, hammerless construction is done.

What is the Price of Mobile Gun?

The gun is available at a price of only $395. This amount is less than many iPhone handset models. Thus with this little price, you can easily have your safety concealed.

For more details on it: check here

From where you can Buy Mobile Gun Online?

However, the gun is made with special attention to avoid any kind of misuses. It is completely detectable by metal detectors and strict guidelines are going to be enforced for Cellphone Pistol Buy Online.

The senator of Chuck Schumer wanted to ban the gun, but as said by the creator” The Right of Self-Defense is the First Law of Nature”. The Smartphone Gun Buy Online will be soon available.

When it will available, we will update the booking details here, so you can subscribe our notification to get in touch.

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Cellphone Pistol Video by Ideal Conceal (Updated)

Here is the detailed video about Smartphone Gun or Pistol by Ideal Conceal. See the video and comment your thought in the comment box. Do you need this Cellphone Pistol or not?

Smartphone Gun Buy Online

With the Smartphone Pistol Online Booking, you now no more need to worry about your safety and self-defense. You can easily conceal this gun in your pocket as it comes in a shape of a smartphone. The Smartphone Gun Buy Online is available at only $395 which is even less than the price of many iPhone models.

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