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Top 10 Mobile Chat Apps 2018 – Best Mobile Chat App Lists

Mobile smartphones with the internet, large touchscreens, and various applications are a handheld computing device. These devices are very popular all over the world and over the last decade billions of people all over the world have bought and used mobile smartphones today. Mobile smartphones have completely changed communication practices and as smartphones reach villages and towns in developing countries, the dependence on smartphones for communication has increased. Messaging apps are social networking platforms where people can text and chat with each other using the internet and can also place a call or a video call through the internet using these apps. The following are the Top 10 Mobile Chat Apps of 2018.

Top 10 Mobile Chat Apps of 2018

These are the Best Mobile Chat App Lists for the year 2018:

  1. Whatsapp:

    One of the most famous and popular mobile chat apps is Whatsapp. This is a cross-platform app which is available on iOS, Android and Windows. Some of the features include group chat, video calling, voice calling, and people can also share documents with this app. While it is easy to create a mobile chat app, competing with market leaders like Whatsapp is very hard for other companies.

  2. Instagram:

    Instagram is a photo sharing and messaging app available on Android and iOS with features like video calling, messaging and posting content online and also for posting captions, edits, filters, tweaks, and emojis.

  3. Line App:

    Another popular app that helps users place audio calls, video calls and chat through the internet and features like group chats for 200 friends, and many emojis and stickers. It is available on all major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

  4. Viber:

    Millions of people prefer to use Viber as their chat app. Viber is a great messaging app for international communication. It is a very functional app that has features like video and voice calling, special emojis and stickers to make it a great app.

  5. Facebook Messenger:

    Facebook is one of the best social media sites on the planet. It has a messenger app that helps people communicate with one another. Facebook messenger can be logged into through the Facebook account.

  6. Google Duo:

    This Google Duo app is available for iOS and Android and is a great app, especially for people interested in video calling. There is a great user interface on this app and it is easy to use this app.

  7. SnapChat:

    SnapChat was designed to create a mobile chat app for a younger audience. Short video clips can be shared as well as gifs and emojis can be sent through this app. Also, SnapChat has a great filter feature which can be used for videos and photos.

  8. Skype:

    Video calling has now become popular all over the world, and one of the most famous videos calling apps is Skype. Skype is used through iOS and Android and can be used to send photos, videos, texts, and helps people chat with each other through the internet.

  9. FaceTime:

    iOS has designed a mobile chat app particularly for iOS users called FaceTime. Video and voice call through FaceTime is easy to connect from different places on the planet. High video calls can be made through iPads, iPhone and all iOS devices which make FaceTime a great choice for Apple users.

  10. Google Hangouts:

    Another mobile chat app by Google is the Hangouts app. This app includes features like group chats and even group video chats. Voice calls, voicemails, and text messages are all possible through this app.

The above-mentioned apps are the best mobile chat apps available today and there is a lot of competition between the apps to get market share in this industry as more and more users to opt for mobile internet calling and chat apps all over the world.

Top 10 Mobile Chat Apps 2018 – Best Mobile Chat App Lists
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