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Umang App Download for Android, iPhone – Umang Mobile App Free Download for PC, Laptop. Government Services on your finger tips like EPFO, Pan Card, Passport Seva, Bharat Bill Pay, Kisan Suvidha & more. Umang App Download Official Link from Play Store.

Umang App Download for Android

Umang App is now available to free download online. Yes, it is one of the platforms where all the government schemes. Umang App is available for all citizens to view all the schemes of Indian government at one place. It has a specific feature that it is available in 13 different languages including English and these 13 languages are of different part of the Indian.

How to Umang App Download for PC?

“UMANG” which stands for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance and it is developed by the information technology and ministry of Electronics. The National-e-Governance Division also participated in the development of the amazing app. Now the question comes to your mind how to download Umang application for the PC.

Umang application is available in the play store, open the play store and search for the Umang application and get the application downloaded to the Windows PC. Yes, as said earlier Umang allow you to access the EPF, Pan Card, and other central services. So Umang app download helps you with these many services on an only single platform.

How many Mission Services are targeted in the Umang Application?

  • With the download of Umang application for your PC, there will be like more beneficial and you may get many services at one place. Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister considers this application is one of the missions for digital India and thus makes a statement that this Umang application is part of the Digital India mission.
  • In addition to this, there were 200 and more services are integrated already in the Umang application and plan to add number of services until the end of 2019.
  • Pan Card, EPF, Central Service and much more at a single platform and found to be much easy for the citizen to discover the service of the government.

How many people have already got Umang and what’s the Rating of Umang Application?

It is very important to know how many people have downloaded the application and what they are saying about it. Because, If it good application people represents them by adding reviews to the application they like about it and some people give rating once Umang application is downloaded and start using.

About Umang Mobile App & its Review

As of now, it has been more than 5,00,000 people has already downloaded Umang app and much more are adding the number to the download figures.  So there is rapid growth in the downloading section of Umang application.  Now, let us see how much people have rated for the Umang application download and in making use of it.

On Google Play Store, it has been 4.4 rating has allotted for the application and made more popular to know about this application and it has a wide range of benefits with the application.

Now, it is important to know what are the other benefits or services that we are benefitted with the Umang application before downloading the Umang application.

What are the Services include in Umang Application?

Here is the list of Government Services offered by Umang App. The easiest way to handle all of Government Services. Here I am going to describe all the features of this Umang App.

Here is the list of Various Services that provided to you by UMANG Digital App:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bharat Bill Pay
  • Bharat Gas
  • National Scholarships
  • NPS
  • CBSE
  • Crop Insurance
  • E-Pathshala
  • Directorate of Marketing & Industries
  • AKPS
  • E-Migrate
  • CRPF
  • DIGI Seva
  • Goods and Service
  • EPFO
  • Extension Reforms
  • Ministry of Petroleum
  • Farm Mechanization
  • Kisan Suvidha
  • My PAN
  • Pay Income Tax
  • Passport Seva
  • Soil Health Card

Goverment Services offered by Umang App

Government Services at your fingertips

EPFO: Check ePF Balance, Passbook on Mobile by Umang App

This is one of the main and interesting things to know by each and every employee as in such case, many employees like to know their provident fund given by the organization, simply we can be called it as PF. So this service has been included in the Umang application.

NPS Calculator: Net Promoter Score Calculator by Umang App

What do you really think of Net promoter score and how it’s related to any service. There will be PRAN account and with the assistance of Umang application, now any users can subscribe the latest account related to the PRAN and can follow with the credentials like a password.

Pay Income Tax through Umang App Online

Download the Umang application and get easy access to pay Income Tax.  So every person needs to pay tax and tax payer can have the option to pay tax in advance which terms as Self Assessment Tax. Now the real question comes in people mind is if they pay in advance, then how can they able to see the status of paid tax. You don’t need to worry about that and it is because, there is option available where users can able to see or check their paid advance challan of tax and it can be by using the service of Umang application like Track Challan Status service.

Get Your Passport Seva by Umang App

Many have added their suggestion to implement Passport seva service in the Umang software and once downloaded this application by the user then he/she should be able to access simple, efficient and easy process of delivering passport to the applicant.

Crop Insurance Service in Newly launched Umang App:

It is related to the farmer and their insurance. What included in the service is like crop insurance is to be calculated by the farmer on the given scheme provided by the Government to them.  They need to see how much they can insure their total amount to the crops depending upon the scheme running by the Government.

DigiSevak in Umang App:

This is another top famous application one can say because this service of Umang application allows users to apply for the job. There are many different organization related to Government sector so the job seeker can apply to the various free and top jobs with respect to the qualification.

HP Gas, Indane Gas and Bharat Gas Bill Pay by Umang App Online:

Every single home needs gas for cooking, every month you need to order and registered booking for gas. In such cases, Umang application plays a vital role, you just need to do is downloading the application and get this booking service access and even you can view the refill history and other sorts of information of gas with Umang application services.

For more detailed information, you can visit this site: Umang Mobile App

Other Important Features of Umang Application:

Single Platform for Many:

Do you understand the concept of Umang application; it is much simple as there is single point availability of all different platform of service at single place.

Saving Time:

Yes, these are all the services need to do every citizen either today or tomorrow. But now Umang application is launched which can save your valuable in paying the bills and other services with more efficient and you don’t need to stand in the queue anymore.

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How to Use Umang App Step by Step in Hindi

Here is a video showing how you can use Umang App and avail your wanted services in an easy way. This tutorial is in Hindi, so don’t worry guys if you are not comfortable in English. Watch this video until the End.

3 Ways to Download Umang Mobile App for iPhone & Android

Here I am going to mention 3 ways, How to Download Umang App for Free from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store. See below:

How to Download Umang Mobile APP

  1. By Scanning QR Code: Now I am going to put QR code of Umang Mobile App Download Link. You can Just scan it by any of your Favourite QR Code Scanner.Umang App QR Code Download Link
  2. Giving a Missed Call: This is the simplest method to Download Umang App. Get App link by giving us missed call on 97183-97183
  3. Through SMS: For this you have to enter your working mobile number on the official site and you will soon receive an SMS containing Umang App Official Download Link.

Umang App Download for Android Mobile

Official Download Link of Umang Mobile App: Play Store

Umang App Free Download for Apple iPhone iOS

Here is the Official Download Link of Umang App: Apple App Store (iTunes)

So what else you are looking for? Just download Umang application and step to Digital India.

Umang App Download for Android, iPhone – Umang Mobile App Free
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