Economy Got You Lower? Getting Good From Network & Application Monitoring Tools With Tight Budgets


Having a lower economy comes uncertainty, which uncertainty isn’t restricted to just your 401k. Layoffs and budget cuts are now being announced each day. In the keynote from the2008 Gartner Symposium ITexpo, Gartner Chief executive officer Gene Hall announced that the organization had adjusted their 2009 IT budget expectations downward, from your believed 3.3% overall rate of growth to some 2.5% reduction. Clearly, the economical scenario is resonating, and executives are listening.

Gartner now recommends the industry “use innovation to show crisis into chance.” The savvy technology strategist has already been considering methods to do “more with less,” trying to find low or cost-free methods to existing problems. Regardless, we have to face the quandary of just how to complete more with less when application performance and reliability, security enforcement, along with other important objectives simply should be achieved.


Application Performance Management (APM)

Invasion Recognition Systems (IDS)

Invasion Recognition/Prevention (IDP)

Network Behavior Anomaly Recognition (NBAD)

Compliance Auditors

Sniffers/Protocol Analyzers

Data Recorders

Voice over internet protocol Analyzers

The Issue

With tighter budgets, organizations are now being requested to complete “more with less.” Simultaneously, systems and applications still rise in complexity, and monitoring is crucial for making certain performance, reliability, and availability metrics are sustained. Technology strategists are challenged to supply the right monitoring coverage without the opportunity to purchase additional capital equipment.

Alternatively finish from the spectrum, network operations management end up with too little staff to deal with day-to-day activities. Network operators spend a lot of time troubleshooting, more than 75 days each year for pretty much one fourth of network operators based on “Condition from the Network Global Survey,” an investigation summary released in April, 2008. Area of the issue is based on too little available SPAN ports and TAPs. Troubleshooting tools must frequently be stored offline until an issue arises, and technical employees are made to temporarily “make & break” connections when problems appear.

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